What We Offer

factr offers Cultural Interchange and Development

factr services are available in the following languages: Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Hmong, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

The 3 Cs ~ Culture, Compassion and Connection

This program is geared to pre-school aged children and seeks to teach children cultural awareness and tolerance as a prevention to inter-ethnic conflict and especially to avoid bullying of immigrant children, as they enter kindergarten in the public school system. The 3 Cs is a developmentally, and culturally appropriate prevention and early intervention program that addresses inter-ethnic conflict and aids in stopping bullying of refugee and immigrant children as they enter Kindergarten.

Education Navigation Services

Education Navigation Services (ENS) focuses on assisting newcomer school-aged children who are English language learners (ELL). ENS supports newcomer school-age children and their parents as the family adjusts to a new and unfamiliar school system. In this way, ENS serves as a bridge between newcomer families and children and the child’s school. ENS is provided by a strong support team consisting of a licensed school psychologist and a licensed clinical social worker. The team promotes access for referral services and provides case management. Counseling (individual and family) is also available.

Immigration Hardship Center

factr’s Immigration Hardship Center works with the legal community to ensure newcomers Sixth Amendment rights are protected. The Immigration Hardship Center provides lawyers with forensic mental health evaluations, including summary psycho-social reports on behalf of clients for consideration in immigration court proceedings, counseling for clients under legal stressors, case management, and paralegal services.

The Family Storybook

The Family Storybook program invites immigrant grandparents to write their life stories, with the help of a translator if needed, to share with their grandchildren. The Family Storybook helps in restoring grandparents’ position in the family and honors their wisdom and promotes cultural preservation across generations by sharing favorite poems or songs and traditions.

Mindful Aging Project

The Mindful Aging Project (MAP) is a collaboration between factr and the African Community Health Institute which aims to decrease health disparities and improve the health and wellness of older newcomers and promote mindful aging. A healthy and mindful lifestyle begins at the roots, so the MAP will utilize a community garden to host several activities. A vegetable and healthy produce and meditation garden where participants can grow their own fruits and vegetables and cultivate a connection to the environment through meditation. Grandchildren will be encouraged to join their elders so that inter-generational bonding can be strengthened. Nutritional classes will share information on healthy eating and active living through a licensed nutritioned. Group exercises, including Yoga, Tai Chi will promote healthy mind-body connections.

Footprints Guild

The Footprints Guild brings together artists and artisans from around the world and helps them in entrepreneurship on a community scale. This micro enterprise project allows the artists to present their work in the marketplace for self-sufficiency and realization. It showcases the diversity of the community, and enhances the cultural education of the greater community.