What We Do

We provide clinical and psycho-social services to help the immigrant community integrate into their new community.

Factr is a non-profit research, service, and training and development center. We:

  • aim to help families in Santa Clara County overcome the multiple obstacles they face while adjusting to living in the United States.
  • provide counseling services to heal and help solve issues, as well as to promote well-being and resilience through cultural expression and interchange.
  • provide services in two main divisions: Counseling and Clinical Services and Cultural Interchange and Development.

Counseling and Clinical Services

Our counselors serve clients suffering from trauma as a result of war, domestic violence, deportation, and family conflict, as well as anxiety as a result of settlement.

The Immigration Hardship Center

The Immigration Hardship Center (IHC) works with the legal community in Santa Clara County to provide forensic services, including summary psycho-social reports on behalf of clients for consideration in immigration court proceedings.
The IHC provides counseling for individuals facing deportation or other legal stressors, case management, and paralegal services.
The IHC works with sympathetic legal professionals to support newcomers facing deportation at low- to no-cost to individuals.

Training & Development

Factr works with local schools and universities to enhance core curriculum in related disciplines.
Factr offers:

  • mentoring and supervision for clinical post-Master’s interns in cultural and linguistic proficient counseling and clinical services
  • study group for clinical interns
  • peer support group for immigrant clinicians, trained in the US or in their country of origin, in solidifying professional career goals in a new land
  • professional training workshops:
      Mediation training
      Clinical topical training
      Cross-discipline training