In Memory of Jose Alvarez

Jose Alvarez Photo

A Eulogy for Jose Alvarez!

We have lost a very dear friend in Jose Alvarez, our very beloved, Photographer in Residence.  Jose Alvarez will forever be remembered at factr as one of our most generous and loving supporters.  To almost any request, his answer was “Yes!” And, even when we didn’t ask, he offered! – As he did in creating a brand new project for factr, the “Family Portrait Project”.  A most discerning, compassionate and loving person, he knew exactly what a family portrait would mean to families so scattered by Diaspora in the aftermath of war, oppression, threats and poverty.  Indeed, he could tap into the soul of a family in his photographs and warm the hearts of family members, though they might be separated.

 Ever ready with his camera to capture important moments in factr’s unfolding history, Jose provided us with an archive of important photographic group memories.  He graced our offices with gifts of his beautiful photographs as well.  Thank you, Jose, your spirit remains with us!