Immigration Hardship Center

Photo by AZRainman
Photo by AZRainman

The Immigration Hardship Center provides lawyers with forensic mental health evaluations, including summary psycho-social reports for consideration in immigration court proceedings. IHC also provides case management and counseling for clients impacted by the legal stressors surrounding immigration court proceedings. By ensuring that our psycho-social reports reflect a cognizance of legal circumstances facing our forensic mental health immigrant clients, by offering long term counseling, and case management to our legally vulnerable immigrant clients and their families, as needed, our forensic mental health services are quite unique in the community.

We believe that psycho-social, mental health evaluations not only humanize the client in court proceedings, but can also lead to better legal outcomes. Because of the legal and therapeutic dimensions of the evaluations, the well-being of the client is our number one priority.

IHC is currently serving/processing a number of cases including the following:  

  • U-Visa applicants
  • T-Visa applicants
  • Hardship Waiver applicants
  • Asylum Applicants
  • Support for Immigrants in the Criminal Justice System