storybook project at Factr

The factr Family Story Book Project

Factr is launching a project to capture the voices, stories, and experiences of immigrant seniors to make their stories available to their families and their communities.

refugee art

Footprints Guild

The Footprints Guild brings together artists and artisans from around the world and helps them in entrepreneurship at the community scale.

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We help restore spirits of immigrants and refugees across the nation

Factr believes in working for the well-being and betterment of humankind and we strive to give immigrants and refugees their fair chance in the pursuit of happiness. YOU can help too!!

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Ten Million immigrants call California home

They make up 42% of California’s total population. Factr promotes the resilience and well-being of refugees and immigrants through counseling, forensic services, educational workshops and opportunities for cultural exchange with the larger community.

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We believe in empowering families with a sense of commonly shared humanity

We provide one-on-one services and community programs that help newcomer families gain the knowledge and skills that will enable them to be effective in their new communities.

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Mindful Aging Project

The Mindful Aging Project (MAP) is a collaboration between Factr and the African Community Health Institute which aims to decrease health disparities and improve the health and wellness of older newcomers and promote mindful aging.

refugee children education

Education Navigation Services

factr’s Education Navigation Services (ENS) focuses on assisting English language learners and/or immigrant school-aged children with difficulties in their academics and in adjusting to a new school environment.

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The 3 Cs ~ Culture, Compassion and Connection

The 3 Cs is a developmentally, and culturally appropriate prevention and early intervention program that addresses inter-ethnic conflict and aids in stopping bullying of refugee and immigrant children as they enter Kindergarten.

immigration hardship center services

Immigration Hardship Center

The Immigration Hardship Center provides lawyers with forensic mental health evaluations, including summary psycho-social reports for consideration in immigration court proceedings.